The New Gary Pallister

I would dearly love to know what Sir Alex Ferguson says and does during those precious few moments when he is out of range of the twitching ears of the press corps. Surely we are not to believe that he believes that Michael Carrick is worth the king’s ransom he has paid for him. 14 million pounds, set to rise to as much as 18.6 million based on appearances is no small sum for a man who, at 25, is yet to show signs of living up to the hype surrounding his performances as a teenager at West Ham. We shall see.
Ferguson has compared the signing to that of Gary Pallister, once, at 2.6 million pounds, the most expensive centre-half in
England. Perhaps this is to be taken to mean that Carrick will be turned from a skilled but unproven midfield distributor to a skilled but blustering central defender. All Ferguson needs to do is unearth another Steve Bruce and he’d once again be able to boast the distinction of fielding the two most flushed faces in football. Go Fergie.


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  1. […] In an entry I composed in response to Michael Carrick’s exorbitant transfer from Spurs to Manchester United I was perhaps a little critical of the former West Ham man. Certainly I believe that Man Utd paid over the top, but unlike some United players who have commanded fantasy fees in recent years (see Veron, Juan Sebastian and Ferdinand, Rio), Carrick has proved that he is a player of the highest quality. Two exquisite goals in the first and second halves against Roma have been the most eyecatching of his work as a Manchester United player thus far, but it is with a season of consistently outstanding performances moving the ball simply from defence to attack Carrick has answered critics that quick to condemn him for failing to fulfil the potential he showed as a junior. Clearly the time is well overdue to re-evaluate Carrick’s ability to control the flow of the game–especially in light of England’s dire performances in the qualification campaign for Euro 2008. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the man in an England shirt, especially if Frank Lampard can develop a convenient habit of injuring his hand before international fixtures. […]

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