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He can speak English?

“Speaking with good if hesitant English, Martins understood enough to rebuff questions comparing him to Andriy Shevchenko, another Premiership import from the San Siro” was the word from Guardian reporter Michael Walker in this Saturday’s edition of the respected London paper. Fair enough, Nigerian striker Obafemi Martins is a footballer, and as such stereotype would dictate that he might not be able to string too many more coherent sentences together than a president of the United States. However Martins is from Nigeria, not Italy, home of the San Siro, and as such is it not accepted that his English ability would be sound at worst? Nigeria is an English speaking country, and I would wager that if Mr Walker were to take a venture that far south he might be amazed at the number of people speaking good, even unhesitant English in the country.

What’s Emartins.jpgnglish for Goal?

I don’t mean to belittle Mr Walker. I’m sure he means well. But in all honest, did he expect Obafemi Martins to speak no English? Perhaps he had confused Nigeria with Niger, an understandable error, but for the fact that to a football journalist, confusing Nigeria and Niger because their names are similar would be somewhat akin to mistaking Columbia and Ecuador because their flags are pretty much the same. Shame on the Guardian for such shoddy reporting.


Idiot Commentator Section, Vol. 1

Was watching Sky commentary on the Fox Soccer Channel in the USA. The match wasn’t 10 minutes old but the commentator has already mentioned the referees nationality at least three times. This would have been a non-issue perhaps, but for the fact that the referee had committed the cardinal sin of being a German national. Our man on Sky went as far to say (round about minute 10) “once again the German referee sides with Greece.” Perhaps Basil Fawlty has decided to abandon the hotel business and supplement his pension by bringing his particular brand of jingoistic sensitivity to the airwaves. Another choice tidbit was “They do have some names, these Greeks”. Indeed. And there never was an Englishman called Winterbottom. What a load of poo.